Loyola University Chicago

Wellness Center


See below for the steps to make a medical appointment.

Dial-A-Nurse (773.508.8883)

  • Please note that we do not take walk-in appointments.  Same day appointments are available daily to decrease your wait time.

  • Emergencies will be accepted immediately.

  • Call Dial-A-Nurse to schedule STI screening appointments

  • Physical exams are not available. Please call Dial-A-Nurse for assistance in finding a primary care physician.

Web-booked Appointments

  • The Wellness Center offers web-booked appointments through Open Communicator- the secure online system that allows you to schedule appointments, view test results and complete health forms. To login, use your Loyola username and password.

  • Web-booked appointments are available on a limited basis.  Call Dial-A-Nurse if you need an urgent appointment.

Types of medical appointments available for web-booking include:

  • Immunizations and TB testing

  • Allergy injections (established patients only)

  • Annual gynecologic appointments

  • Colds

  • Nurse Practitioner/Medical Doctor visits for common illnesses

  • Examples include: respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, headaches, abdominal pain, sexually transmitted infections and dermatologic conditions. 

See here for information about our No Show Fee.



Information for students who schedule COVID-19 Testing Appointments at the Wellness Center:  

The information below is applicable to students who have respiratory symptoms, visit the Loyola Wellness Center to get tested for COVID-19, and live with a roommate in on-campus housing or live in a space with a shared bathroom. 

All symptomatic students who schedule a Wellness Center appointment for COVID-19 testing and have a roommate or live in a space with a shared bathroom need to bring a “go bag” to the appointment in case they test positive for COVID-19. A “go bag” is a bag with essential items a student will need in their such as clothes and school supplies. If a student tests positive for COVID-19 at the Wellness Center, they will immediately be moved to the isolation residence hall in St. Louis and will not be able to return to their residence hall to gather essentials. 

Students with COVID-19 must isolate for ten days and therefore need to bring a bag with enough supplies to last the ten-day isolation period in case they test positive at their appointment. Items to pack include: comfortable clothing, medications, school supplies (i.e. laptop, books), snacks, and anything that a student may want to stay entertained during their isolation period such as tablets, art supplies, and books. There are laundry machines in the residence hall and students will be provided three meals a day. 

Please contact COVID-19report@LUC.edu or the COVID report line at 773-508-7707 if you have any concerns or questions about the isolation period. This information does not apply to students who live by themselves and have their own bathroom. Those students will need to isolate in place, but will not need to move locations.  


How to schedule a COVID-19 testing appointment: The Wellness Center offers testing for stduents with respiratory systems. Please call Dial-A-Nurse at 773-508-8883 to schedule an appointment. Students without symptoms can get tested through Loyola's Shield testing program.