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Office Visit

  • Appointments for acute illnesses and conditions are available with a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or Medical Doctor at the Lake Shore campus, Water Tower campus, and the new Health Sciences Campus location.
  • Examples of acute illnesses and conditions include: respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, headaches, abdominal pain, sexually transmitted infections and dermatologic conditions.  Complete physical exams (such as those required for internships or study abroad) are not available at the Wellness Center. 
  • Consultations with a Registered Dietician are available to address a variety of nutrition-related health concerns.
  • Please call Dial-A-Nurse at 773-508-8883 to schedule an appointment or click here to make a web booked appointment. Web-based appointments are limited per provider each day.

Urgent Problems

  • Please call Dial-A-Nurse during business hours to speak with a Registered Nurse who will triage your concern and schedule an appointment with the most appropriate provider. 
  • The triage nurse typically is able to accommodate same-day appointments for urgent medical problems. 
  • For any life-threatening emergency after hours, please dial 911 or 4911 from a campus phone.
  • If you have a non-emergency medical concern when the Wellness Center is closed, most insurance providers have an after hours nurse call line. Please visit your insurer’s website to find the correct nurse line number. If you don’t have access to a nurse line, please visit our urgent care referral sites here. If you have United Healthcare (Loyola’s student insurance), you are eligible to use Healthiest You, an after hours service. Students who do not have this insurance would have to pay a fee.


  • Lab tests may be ordered by a provider during a medical visit.  Examples of common lab tests include: rapid strep, rapid mononucleosis, pregnancy, urinalysis, sexually transmitted infection screening, and basic serum blood tests.
  • You may also be able to have lab work ordered by your primary care provider drawn at the Lake Shore Wellness Center
  • All lab appointments should be scheduled by calling Dial-A-Nurse.  Designated lab appointment times are available each day. 
  • We do have to charge fees for lab services. See Eligibility & Fees for more detailed information.  The Wellness Center does not submit claims to insurance for lab fee reimbursement.
  • If labs are drawn during your visit, you will be informed on how you will receive your results (secure message, phone call or at the follow-up visit).


  • Examples of preventive services include gynecologic exams, immunizations, and TB screening 
  • Complete physical exams (such as those required for internships or study abroad) are not available at the Wellness Center.  
  • Please call Dial-A-Nurse for assistance in finding a primary care physician.


  • Examples of procedures include: allergy shots*, suture removal, ear irrigation, and wound care. Please Call Dial-A-Nurse to schedule an appointment. 

*Serum and treatment plan must be provided by a private allergist. An appointment is necessary.

Specialist Referrals

  • If you are in need of a specialist (ex: gastroenterologist, ear nose & throat, orthopedic), please call Dial-A-Nurse and we will be happy to help provide a referral. 


  • If you are prescribed a medication during your visit, you will have the opportunity to select your preferred pharmacy and have the medication order sent electronically.
  • There are several pharmacies located within walking distance from both campuses.
  • Your insurance may be used to help pay for medications filled at a pharmacy.
  • The Wellness Center has a limited supply of medications available on-site for a fee (see Eligibility & Fees). The Wellness Center does not submit claims to insurance for medications purchased on-site. 

Off-campus COVID Testing

Please review this Updated off-campus testing options near all three Loyola campuses. Free, rapid, at-home COVID tests may also be obtained through https://www.covid.gov/testshttps://special.usps.com/testkits, your insurance, or your ask your local pharmacy. 

Students with active symptoms of COVID-19 may schedule testing at the Wellness Center. 

If you have further questions about medical services offered at the Wellness Center, please visit FAQs or contact the Wellness Center at 773.508.8883.