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Meet Ashlar!

We are happy to introduce the Loyola community to Ashlar, Loyola’s therapy dog! He is 5 years old and was adopted from the Orphans of the Storm shelter in Grayslake. He was originally being trained to be a service dog at TOPS kennel, but he is very social and was a better fit for a therapy dog role. He is a trained, certified therapy dog. Ashlar lives with the family of the Wellness Center’s Director of Counseling, but spends his days at the Wellness Center and on campus with students! He loves: belly rubs, playing fetch, and going on walks! Ashlar is so excited to work with students. Come visit him at his “Ask Ashlar” sessions if you miss your dog at home, need to destress, or just like dogs!

Ashlar mostly interacts with students during his weekly outreach and hangs out in the Wellness Center, but has limited availability and can possibly stop by Loyola events during business hours if his schedule allows. Fill out a Program request form if you are interested in possibly having Ashlar at your event. Follow Ashlar on Instagram or Facebook (ashlarthetherapydog) to see where he is on campus every week! Note: Ashlar does not live on campus, so he cannot attend events on the weekend or after 5 pm.

Ask Ashlar Schedule--Fall 2021, Starting August 31

Tuesdays | 11am | IC

Wednesdays | 11am | IC

Thursdays | 10am | Damen Student Center

Fridays | 11am | Sullivan Center