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Call Dial-A-Nurse to make a medical appointment

Save time and call Dial-A-Nurse: 773.508.8883

During Wellness Center hours, Dial-A-Nurse calls are taken by a registered nurse who can:

  • Answer questions about illnesses or injuries
  • Discuss health concerns
  • Advise you on the urgency of your condition and recommend the appropriate level of care
  • Give self-care advice
  • Schedule an appointment with a provider
  • Answer questions about immunizations
  • Provide general information about the Wellness Center
  • Provide community health information and referrals
  • Schedule immunization appointments

All calls to Dial-A-Nurse are confidential and recorded in the student’s medical record.

  • Leave a voice mail if the line is busy or if it is after hours
  • You MUST leave a voice mail including your phone number for us to return your call
  • Make sure your voice mail is set up and not full so you can receive a message if you miss the nurse’s call
  • If message is left after hours, it will be returned the next business day.

After hours: Emergencies, call 911 or 44911 on campus or see here.

Note: If you have a non-emergency medical concern after hours, most insurance providers have an after hours nurse call line.

Please visit your insurer’s website to find the correct nurse line number. If you don’t have access to a nurse line,  please visit our urgent care referral sites below. If you have United Healthcare (Loyola’s student insurance), you are eligible to use Healthiest You, an after hours service. To call the service, dial #480-779-4360, and there is also an app available for download on their website.