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College Students and Stress

Every two years, the Wellness Center administers the National College Health Assessment survey (NCHA) at Loyola. What do you think that students rate as the #1 factor that affects their ability to do well in school? You probably guessed it, the answer is STRESS! At universities across the nation, the answer is the same; stress is seen as the main barrier for achieving academic success. Stress cannot be avoided but there are ways to better manage it day to day, and the Wellness Center has resources to help students deal with stress. Since 2002, the Wellness Center has offered mindfulness meditation programs for students and many students have benefitted from these programs or have even incorporated mindfulness into their everyday lives. To learn more check out Mindfulness Definition and Benefits

For resources on mindfulness, visit Mindfulness Resources. ‌

We recognize that as the semester gets underway and nears finals, it can be difficult to take time to de-stress. Below we have 30 daily tips you can do as you prepare for finals. 

  1. Learn the three skills science shows us to succeed in college.
  2. Discover your character strengths.
  3. WOOP up your goal! Learn how.
  4. Challenge brain bias with three good things.
  5. Are you your own worst critic? Find some self-compassion.
  6. Try these five body-based practices to boost your resilience.
  7. To reduce stress, try facing your fears head on.
  8. Change your outlook on a negative event and stress less. 
  9. Even small acts of random kindness can impact our well-being.
  10. Don't let busyness get in the way of friendship. Give yourself the gift of time. 
  11. Stoll the campus: A tool for mindfulness and stress. Try a walking meditation.
  12. Can self-compassion overcome procrastination? One example.
  13. Want to feel awesome? Try this writing exercise.
  14. Give yourself a lift. Watch an awe-inspiring video.
  15. Tackle a daunting task in a different way.  
  16. Learn how awe makes us happier, smarter, and more generous.
  17. Use social media wisely. How?
  18. Try a self-compassion break. It's a healthier way to deal with stress. 
  19. Capitalize on positive events. They're happening anyway. 
  20. Read. How to hack your brain for peak performance.
  21. How would you treat a fellow Rambler or a friend?
  22. "Micro-moments" of connection can uplift us. Strike up a brief conversation with a stranger.
  23. Work through an emotional difficulty with a writing activity.
  24. A stroll outside can build lasting happiness.
  25. Use your strengths to rally for finals week.
  26. Count your blessings and enjoy school even more. 
  27. How to stop sabotaging yourself.
  28. Cooler by the Lake? Noticing nature can bring about positive emotions.
  29. Get ready for finals by imagining your best self
  30. Feeling tense? Feel your body relax as your try this practice.