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The Wellness Center is the home to three student leadership groups that focus on different topics related to health and wellness. These sponsored student organizations (SSOs) are student run and driven, but staff supported. These groups are a fantastic way to get more involved in these causes and gain experience collaborating with the Wellness Center. Please read more below to see if one of them interests you!

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The focus of CHANGE is on gender-based violence (sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking). CHANGE makers are Loyola students who want to help make Loyola a safer place. They meet every other week to create programming around prevention, awareness, and response to gender-based violence.  Please contact the CHANGE staff advisors with any questions.

See the CHANGE page for more information: CHANGE webpage 

Staff Advisors: Mira Krivoshey (mkrivoshey@luc.edu) and McKenna Rogan (mrogan2@luc.edu

The Wellness Advocates are a group of Loyola students who present to other student groups on topics related to college health and wellness! The purpose of Wellness Advocates is to promote healthy lifestyles and spread knowledge on important topics such as responsible drinking, dealing with stress, sleep, eating well as a student, etc. Wellness Advocates are peer health educators and student leaders who are passionate about physical and emotional health. They also put on fun events during the year, past events include a late night yoga class and a sleep workshop. 

Student groups and residence halls can request a Wellness Advocate program or presentation by filling out the Wellness Advocates Program Request Form, 2021-22 and emailing it to wellnessadvocates@luc.edu at least two weeks in advance. In Fall 2021, we are excited to be offering virtual and in-person presentations for student orgs on a variety of health topics. One of our most popular topics is stress management and sleep. We can also help connect you with the appropriate presenter in the Wellness Center if a group requests a program that would be better suited for another presenter. 

 Spring 2022: We are recruiting for new members for the fall! Interested potential members need to fill out a short application  Wellness Advocates Application 2022 and submit a short letter of recommendation. Wellness Advocates is application based because we hold weekly meetings and members are trained to give health presentations. It isa  great leadership opportunity for students who are passionate about health! 

Staff Advisor: Mary Duckett (mduckett@luc.edu, 773-508-2549)

For more information on Wellness Advocates, please see the Wellness Advocates webpage.

The Body Project at Loyola University Chicago promotes body positivity to all students on campus. Being involved with The Body Project means having a safe space to openly discuss and criticize beauty ideals. The organization’s main goal is to create universal body acceptance! The Body Project consists of a team of trained students that facilitate workshops, run social media, and lead outreach events. 

The Body Project workshops are researched based and peer led. The workshops are set up as interactive, non-judgmental group conversations, where participants have the opportunity to discuss and criticize the appearance ideal, challenge cultural norms, and participate in spoken and written exercises. Body Project workshops have repeatedly been shown to effectively reduce body dissatisfaction, negative mood, unhealthy dieting and disordered eating.

JOIN THE BODY PROJECT and get started celebrating your body TODAY!  


Workshops and Events: 

  • Planning in progress! Stay tuned for Spring 2022 events.


To learn more about the Body Project, check out the Body Project FAQs or follow us on Social Media @thebodyprojectluc !

Meet the Peer Leaders of the Body Project and learn more about what motivated them to become facilitators.


The Body Project is now accepting facilitators on a rolling admissions basis!* If you are interested in being a peer leader next year, please fill out the application, Body Project Peer Leader Application 2022, and return it to the bodyproject@luc.edu. You will be asked to conduct an interview with staff and current peer facilitators prior to joining the team. While you are able to join the Body Project at any time during the year, you will not be allowed to facilitate workshops until you have attended the fall training. Please email bodyproject@luc.edu with any questions.  


*Disclaimer: The Body project is a highly researched and evidence based intervention that has been shown to reduce the onset of eating disorders and improve body satisfaction for cis-gendered college women and men.  We at the Body Project understand that students of all genders have and struggle with Body image from time to time.  While this intervention specifically does not outreach to our gender non-conforming students, we are eager to have conversation and generate ideas about how to raise awareness about body image for students of all genders. Please contact bodyproject@luc.edu with any requests, suggestions or feedback.