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The Wellness Center works with different groups across campus to help teach and promote different topics for the well-being of the student body. If you are interested in having someone from the Wellness Center present or help plan a program, please fill out this form at least 14 days in advance of the planned date. 

We also offer several ready-made programs. Please contact us if you are interested in bringing one of these workshops to your group. 

I'm Here For You is a 90-minute workshop for staff and faculty aimed at providing participants with the skills necessary to have helpful conversations with students who have experienced dating violence, sexual misconduct, and stalking. The training will also cover an employee's duty to notify the university of disclosures of sexual misconduct.

Survivor Ally Training is a 90-minute workshop for friends, loved ones, acquaintances, peers, and partners who want to support those in their life who have been affected by sexual and/or relationship violence.  The training will focus on both best practices for emotional support as well as tangible aid/resources.

The Body Project is an interactive, two session workshop that is designed to challenge the thin ideal and help improve body satisfaction for women. The workshop is set up as a non-judgmental group conversation, where participants have the opportunity to discuss and criticize the thin ideal, and participate in spoken and written exercises. 

One Love Escalation Workshop is a 90-minute program that includes a 40-minute video and 50-minute discussion. This presentation discusses abusive relationships, red flags, and how people can intervene and support friends who are in unhealthy dating situations. 

QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Suicide Prevention Training teaches the necessary tools to recognize the warning sides of suicide and a three-step method to responding to distress. 

Peer Education:

Loyola's Peer Health Educators, the Wellness Advocates, give presentations upon request on the following topics: Stress, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Alcohol, and Sleep. Please contact wellnessadvocates@luc.edu to request a program for your student group or residence hall.