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The list of Spring 2022 groups is now available!

Because we live our lives in relationship to others, and because these relationships are integral to our health and well-being, group therapy is the recommended treatment of choice for many of the issues college students face.  The Wellness Center offers a variety of virtual and in-person group treatment options. 

While it is normal to feel nervous about joining a group, many of our students report feeling very helped by the group therapy experience.  Group therapy represents a special kind of relationship to others that is different from our social relationships. This has many advantages, such as the freedom to ask for feedback at any time, to try out new behaviors, to talk about topics that may be difficult to raise, or to share sensitive concerns.

Spring 2022— The group descriptions and times are now live! Please see below for the descriptions. 

Some groups will be offered virtually and some are in person, please read the descriptions carefully.* Until further notice, all mental health groups will be held remotely on Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Updated 1/2021 

Groups for improving relationships with self and others

Emotional Intelligence and Relationships Group (Virtual)

Mondays 3:30-5

These semester-long virtual groups are open to undergraduate students and offer a safe space for you to explore your emotions more deeply and to reflect on your thoughts and behaviors in relationships.  

 There are multiple sections of this group.  Please email or call the facilitator of the specific group you are interested in:

Mondays 3:30-5pm -Email Alexis Barkin, LCSW abarkin@luc.edu or call 773-508-8882 to learn more information or to set up a pre-group interview.

Tuesdays 3-4:15pm -Email Brit Holmberg, LCSW bholmbe@luc.edu learn more information or to set up a pre-group interview.

Graduate Student Interpersonal Process Group (Virtual) 

Thursdays, 9-10:30 am 

This is a semester-long group for graduate students to connect with other graduate students, with the goal of helping you decrease the sense of isolation, increase self-awareness, and enhance relationships. The group provides you with a safe space to give and receive support and feedback, and to communicate your emotions and needs in effective ways. The group is only open to students who are currently in the state of Illinois.

To set up a pre-group interview or for more information, contact Hongying Chen, PhD at hchen13@luc.edu.


Interpersonal Counseling Group

Tuesdays, 9:30-11am or 1:00-2:30pm

College students juggle many relationships and roles as students, friends, family members, roommates, partners, employees, teammates, and more. If these things are causing you distress or sadness, you may be eligible to join this 10-week group to:

  • Help navigate the challenges of college life, transitions, roles, and relationships;
  • Understand the connection between your relationships and moods; 
  • Build skills to manage tough social situations & improve relationships.

Interested students can complete a brief form to see if they are eligible for group participation, including an assessment of its benefits: https://redcap.link/ipt. If you have questions, please email Maya at the IMPACT Lab (impact@luc.edu).


Groups for managing anxiety and stress

Simple Strategies for Managing Anxiety  (Virtual)

Tuesdays from 3-4 pm, or Wednesdays from 3-4 pm

This 8-week group uses evidence-based strategies to help you better understand how anxiety impacts your daily life and learn helpful skills to effectively manage stressors. There are multiple sections of this group.  Please email or call the facilitator of the specific group you are interested in:

Tuesdays from 3-4pm Contact Guy Caprio, LCSW at gcaprio@luc.edu for more information and to register. 

Wednesdays 3-4pm Contact Brit Holmberg, LCSW, at bholmbe@luc.edu  for more information and to register. 


Tuesdays, 1-2:15, 2nd Floor of Sullivan Center

Adulting is hard. This group can help. ADULTING 101 is for all students needing clarity on how to manage the freedom, responsibility, and demands of being an emerging adult while also being offered a safe space to explore disagreements, boundaries, expectations, communication, autonomy, control, and decision-making. Learn coping skills for conflict, increasing self-validation, and other tools to become a healthy adult.

Take a Deep Breath: Meditating Alone Together (in person)

 Mondays 3:30 – 4:30 pm in the Quiet Reading Room (317) of the Information Commons 

 First session starts on Monday Jan 31st & last session is April 25th

Now more than ever we realize the importance of connection with others. The combination of connecting with others and the benefits of meditation is what this group is about. It’s much easier to meditate with the support of a group & certified teacher as you connect with others! Learn how to meditate & incorporate it into your daily life OR support an existing practice. See why this group has been going since 2002! Sessions are ongoing, newcomers are always welcome (no perfect people allowed- come as you are). To register or ask questions - email Dianna Stencel, LCSW at dstence@luc.edu

Oh Synapse! Befriending the Nervous System

 6 week course meets Thursdays 3:00pm-4:15 on Zoom 

 Information sessions held 3 pm- 4:15 pm on Thursday Jan. 27th or Feb 3rd on Zoom

* Required attendance of ONE information session before joining the group

  Learn to better manage stress & overwhelm as we explore nervous system regulation. It’s like obtaining a couple pages from the operating manual we never received at birth. Through brief lecture, conversation & somatic exercises – you’ll have a better idea what supports your unique nervous system. Quote from past participant, “I would recommend the program … it's a nice break from everything & it’s very comforting to know that every emotion you feel is valid.” You will receive a free e-handbook & recordings to help you fill your toolbox and build a home practice.  To register or ask questions - email Dianna Stencel, LCSW at dstence@luc.edu


Peaceful Mind: Mindfulness Group to Better Manage Stress, Anxiety & Depression

 Meets Wednesdays 3 pm- 4:30 pm on Zoom 

 Information sessions held 3 pm- 4:30 pm on Wed. Jan 26 or Feb 2

 * Required attendance of ONE information session before joining the group

 A 9-week mindfulness based group designed to help you better manage feelings of stress & improve mood. Quote from a past participant: ‘… a program such as this one can make a huge difference!’ You will receive a free e-handbook & recordings to help you with your at-home practice. To register or ask questions - email Dianna Stencel, LCSW at dstence@luc.edu



Identity-Based Groups

Support Space for Asian American Pacific Islander Students (Virtual)

 Fridays 1 – 2 pm

 This weekly drop-in group provides a confidential and safe space for AAPI students to support one another and build community on shared experiences. Join us for connection and discussion regarding experiences being Asian American and intersectionality of identities. The goal is to help you build resilience and thrive despite challenges.

 The group will start on September 10th. If you are interested in joining, please contact Nicole Sumida, LCSW at nsumida@luc.edu or Hongying Chen, PhD at hchen13@luc.edu.


Queer-antine Support Group (Virtual)

*This group is now FULL/CLOSED as of 1/7. Please check out the other group offerings. 

Fridays 1:30-3pm

This group is open to undergraduate and graduate students in Illinois of all gender identities who identify as LGBTQ+. The goal of this group is to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for queer identified students to process feelings of depression and anxiety related to (but not limited to): the coming out process, relationships, homophobia, transphobia, and the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world. Interested students should complete a group screening with Tiffany Tiberi, Psy.D. to determine fit. Group will meet weekly for an hour and a half beginning in February. Contact Dr. Tiffany Tiberi at ttiberi@luc.edu  more information or to set up a pre-group screen.

Cafecito Chat (Virtual and In-Person)

Wednesdays 3-4pm

Cafecito chat is a safe space for Latinx identified students to connect and find community. Past group topics have been focused on finding support within a larger Loyola community, relationships, stress management, and managing transitions.  This group is open to both undergraduate and graduate students and will be held virtually and in person. Questions should be directed to Beatriz Gonzalez, MSW at bgonzalez6@luc.edu

Black Connections on Campus (Virtual)

Wednesdays at 4 pm

This group is for LUC undergraduate students whose identity includes Black/African ancestry.  This affinity space focuses on creating community, exploring identity, voicing experiences, and making positive changes.  Topics may include perfectionism, imposter syndrome, stress management, relationships, adjusting to college and family.  This group meets on Tuesdays at 4pm, via Zoom.  Contact Andrea Boyd, Ph.D., 773-508-2534 or aboyd2@luc.edu for additional information.

Black Grad Support Group (Virtual)

Thursdays at 4 pm

This group for graduate students whose identity includes Black/African ancestry.  It is an affinity space to share about unique experiences and challenges at LUC. We may discuss topics including managing stress, navigating graduate school, career planning, and communication with advisors, identity concerns, relationships, work/life balance, and self-care. This group meets on Thursdays at 4pm, via Zoom.  Contact Andrea Boyd, Ph.D., 773-508-2534 or aboyd2@luc.edu for additional information.


Thesis/Dissertation Support Group (Virtual)

Fridays at 1 pm, Zoom

This group is open to graduate students at any stage of completing the master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.  Join us for tips and support for keeping on track, getting back on track...or starting on the right track! We can help you achieve your goal! Contact Andrea Boyd, PhD at aboyd2@luc.edu to request group membership.

This group meets on Fridays at 1pm, via Zoom.  Contact Andrea Boyd, Ph.D., 773-508-2534 or aboyd2@luc.edu for additional information.

Men’s Group

Wednesdays from 4-5 pm, Hybrid 

A supportive, confidential space to process toxic masculinity and its negative impact on mental health & relationships and explore feminist, anti-racist, and non-violent approaches to help participants heal and grow.  Open to all male-identified LUC students.  Facilitated by Brit Holmberg, LCSW.  Please contact Brit Holmberg at bholmbe@luc.edu for more information or to register

Gender Identity Support Space 

Mondays from 3-4 pm, Hybrid 

This is an open drop-in space for students who identify as trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming, or questioning. Anyone interested in exploring their gender identity or expression is welcome here. The purpose of this group is to show up as yourself (even if you’re not quite sure who that is) and meet others who may be at any point in their gender journey, from questioning to transitioning to anything between or beyond. Some sessions will just be a space to de-stress, unwind, and build community through various activities, and others will be more focused on discussion of topics such as identity exploration, dealing with transphobia, resource sharing, and more. Our first meeting will be via Zoom, with future meetings including a combo of virtual and in-person options! Send Sasha Solov (they/them) an e-mail at ssolov@luc.edu to get the Zoom link!

Some of the virtual therapy groups may requires students who are interested to complete additional small steps, such as having a pre-screen call or signing an e-consent form. Some of the group may also only be available for students living in the state of Illinois. Once you reach out to your facilitator about the group you are interested in, they will let you know how to join. We also encourage students attending virtual groups to find a private space to attend the group on Zoom.