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Group Counseling

Please see below for the Fall 2020 Virtual Group Offerings

Because we live our lives in relationship to others, and because these relationships are integral to our health and well-being, group therapy is the recommended treatment of choice for many of the issues college students face.  The Wellness Center offers a variety of virtual group treatment options. 

While it is normal to feel nervous about joining a group, many of our students report feeling very helped by the group therapy experience.  Group therapy represents a special kind of relationship to others that is different from our social relationships. This has many advantages, such as the freedom to ask for feedback at any time, to try out new behaviors, to talk about topics that may be difficult to raise, or to share sensitive concerns.

Fall 2020—Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Wellness Center groups will be virtual and held over Zoom.  Some groups are open to all LUC students, regardless of whether you reside in or outside the state of Illinois.  Other groups are only open to students who currently reside in the state of Illinois.  ALL Workshops are open to out of state students! Please see Wellness Center Groups for the Fall 2020 virtual group listings!