Loyola University Chicago

Wellness Center

Suicide Prevention

If you are thinking about hurting yourself, or if someone you know is thinking about hurting themselves, Get Help Now! Check out our Guide to Getting Help from a Crisis Hotline if you need more information on how a crisis hotline works. You can also text the Crisis Text Line at 741741 anytime of day to text with a trained crisis counselor.

Suicide information and Online Screenings

Would you like to learn more about your current emotional state? Take time to complete this free emotional health screening here. Do you think you may be in an emotional crisis? See the Guide to Identifying Emotional Crisis. If you are concerned about another individual, you can find out about warning signs and risk factors for suicide in the Guide to Understanding Suicide.


 Loyola Cares

Loyola Cares is Loyola University Chicago's suicide prevention program that aims to promote and provide suicide prevention programs that are culturally appropriate and relevant to the diverse cultures of Loyola Chicago's student body. Here at Loyola, we help students to Get Well, Be Well, and Stay Well. We hope you will find this page useful for providing you with information on how to stay on top of your emotional health.

Programming for Suicide Prevention

Loyola Cares hosts speakers, outreach events, and trainings for students throughout the school year.

Space to Share

If you would like to share your confidential stories about resilience, coping with stressful times, offer words of support for peers going through a hard time, or share positive affirmations, please email loyolacares@luc.edu. Please note, some of these stories may be shared in this online space, but no names or personal/identifying information will be shared.