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Finals Week Virtual Meditation

Easy to access brief meditations to help students cope with finals

How?: Click on the meditations below. Depending on the time you have, there are shorter and longer recording options.

Note: The recordings will open in a new tab. 

Where?: Anywhere! You can do this at home, in a coffee shop, in the library, or anywhere you have access to a computer and headphones (if needed).

Virtual Meditation Steps

Step 1: Listen to Introduction

Step 2: Check-in- Before you meditate, take a moment to check-in with yourself. Just noticing, no need to change anything. Simply checking in...

You might notice the quality of mind right now. Is it tense, full of thoughts, foggy, constricted, etc.? Perhaps explore the sensations in the body. Tension, tightness. Keep exploring... Any places that feel neutral or pleasant like feeling feet on floor, hands, contact with floor or chair? Maybe checking in and noticing how you are feeling. Most times there is more than one feeling present. What is your experience?

Step 3: Pick a meditation to listen to:

Step 4: Final Check-in- So now that you have completed a meditation, check in again just like we did in step 2.