Loyola University Chicago requires all vendors, contractors, and entities who do business on our campuses to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Vendors and contractors are separated into two tiers: 

Tier 1 – vendors or contractors with employees on campus on a daily basis and who have a UVID

Tier 1 Vendors

Vendors who fall within the Tier 1 category should work with their University administrator for assistance in creating and setting up a UVID and password (also called a NAP account) for each of their employees. Vendor employees will then be required to upload their COVID-19 vaccination card at LUC.edu/vaxupload using their UVID and password. Instructions for uploading your vaccine record can be found on our Vaccine Information website. 

Tier 1 Vendors include: 

  • The Millard Group 
  • Aramark 
  • HandCut Foods 
  • Power Wellness 
  • MV Transportation 
  • Canon 
  • Urban Elevators 
  • Follett Bookstore 
  • McNitt Consulting 
  • Rush Physical Therapy  


Employees of Tier 1 vendors who believe that they qualify for a religious or medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine should contact their company’s human resources department to request an exemption. Each vendor will be responsible for approving medical or religious exemptions of their employees. Vendors must then notify Loyola of any employee with an approved exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine; these employees will be required to comply with Loyola’s COVID-19 On-Campus Testing program and will be subject to Loyola’s COVID-19 Compliance Policy for failure to test as required. (They can sign up for testing by following the instructions in our Return to Campus Checklist.) 


Tier 2 – vendors or contractors with employees or subcontractors on campus intermittently or for a specified period of time 

Tier 2 Vendors

When contracting with a vendor who falls within the Tier 2 category, University personnel must notify the vendor of the University’s vaccine requirement in order to conduct business with Loyola at any of our campuses. Vendors and contractors may only assign vaccinated personnel to Loyola jobs, and those personnel may be subject to on-site validation of their COVID-19 vaccine card. Vendor personnel should carry either a physical or electronic copy of their COVID-19 vaccine card with them at all times. 

Contractors or vendors who subcontract out work will be responsible for ensuring that subcontractors comply with the University’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement, and only assign vaccinated employees to jobs on Loyola’s campuses. 

  Tier 1
Vendors with employees on campus everyday and have UVIDs
Tier 2
Vendors who come to campus intermittently or for a specified period of time (project based)
Masks Y Y Y
Vaccine Requirement Upload to Health App Company is contractully obligated to comply with university policy, including campus health safety requirements, and as such, must ensure that only vaccinated individuals are sent to campus; individuals may be subject to on-site checking of vaccination card Visitors must show proof of vaccination record; LUC representative who invited the guest(s) and/or orgnized the event are responsible for verifying vaccination record
Exemptions Vendor will be responsible for approving exemptions, and will have to notify LUC of their exempt employees so that exemption can be documented in the Health App n/a n/a
Testing Vendor-approved exempt employees must test 2x per week; if an employee does not conset to testing, then the employee should be reassigned to a different site n/a If a visitor is not vaccinated, they must show proof of a negative test no more than 72 hours prior to arrival; LUC representative who invited the guest(s) and/or orgnized the event are responsible for verifying negative test record
Deadline September 21, 2021 September 21, 2021, or as contracted on-going

Students, faculty, and staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 must report their case to the University as soon as possible at COVID-19report@LUC.edu or by calling 773-508-7707.


To inquire about general Loyola information related to COVID-19, please email COVID-19support@luc.edu

For information on the university's plans for returning to campus, visit LUC.edu/returntocampus.

View the Return to Campus Checklist here.