Loyola University Chicago

Financial Aid Office

The Aid Process

Loyola University Chicago is dedicated to making your college education affordable by offering multiple types of aid. Not only do we offer our own scholarships and grants, but we also participate in federal (Title IV) and state programs. In general, scholarships and grants are considered "gift aid" and do not need to be repaid, while loans are borrowed and must be repaid.

To learn more about the funding resources available to Loyola students, please visit the following links:

Financial aid for graduate students disburses up to 10 days prior to the start of the term. For undergraduate students, aid disburses 1-2 business days after the last day to add/drop a class without penalty. Please see the Academic Calendar for more information.

Current students can view their scheduled disbursement dates in their Financial Aid Award in LOCUS. After the initial disbursement date, aid is disbursed every business day so long as it is not a recognized university holiday.

For additional information, please review our Step-by-Step Guide the Student Responsibilities page.