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ROTC Scholarships

Air Force ROTC Scholarships

These scholarships (up to full tuition and mandatory fees) are for outstanding young men and women enrolled in the ROTC program.  This program is offered to Loyola students in cooperation with the Illinois Institute of Technology.  For more information about scholarship opportunities or about joining AFROTC, please contact the AFROTC representative at (312) 567-3525 or visit www.afrotc.iit.edu.

Army ROTC Scholarships

If you want to develop your strength as a leader, then the Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) college program is the best way to start.  It's the one program that allows you to earn your college degree and become a leader right after graduation, as an Officer in the Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard. Army ROTC has:

  • 4-year Scholarships for high school students
  • 2-year and 3-year Scholarships for college students
  • 2-year Reserve Forces Duty/Dedicated National Guard Scholarships for college students

Army ROTC Scholarships pay full tuition and fees, $1,200 per year for books, plus a STIPEND ranging from $350-$500 per school month.  Additionally, Army ROTC Scholarship students receive $3,500 a semester toward on-campus housing from Loyola University.

Army ROTC can help you start strong on a path to success.  Become part of a select group of dedicated students who have the desire to stand out and be leaders who rise to challenges.  Start strong now by talking with the Loyola University Military Science Department at 773.508.8980 or email us at armyrotc@luc.edu.  Additional information can be found at LUC.edu/militaryscience.

Navy ROTC Scholarships

These scholarships (up to full tuition and fees) are for outstanding young men and women enrolled in the ROTC program. This program is offered in cooperation with Northwestern University. For more information, contact the unit at NROTC@northwestern.edu."


Students who receive full ROTC scholarships are also awarded a $3500 per semester ROTC On-Campus Housing Grant from Loyola. ROTC benefits are incorporated into student's total aid eligibility. Eligibility for other types of educational assistance may be impacted as a result of receiving ROTC benefits.