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Emotions of Money

Recognizing your money personality is the first step in financial wellness. Your money personality determines your priorities in life and identifies challenges you may face in pursuing your life goals. Schedule a one-on-one coaching session today to discover your money personality. You'll learn more about each of the six categories -- Status, Carefree, Spontaneous, Giving, Security, and Planning -- and you'll receive tips for using your money personality to your advantage.


  • Present a strong first impression
  • Appreciated for your generosity
  • Feeling constant stress to keep up with others
  • Spend unwisely to keep up an image


  • Adapt easily to new situations
  • Optimistic that things will work out
  • Lack the skills and information to feel confident
  • Feel trapped or obligated by being supported


  • Enjoy adventures and the unexpected
  • Get things right away - no waiting or overthinking
  • Spend even when you don't have the money
  • Don't have money for the unexpected


  • Generously give to other people or causes
  • Appreciated for being thoughtful
  • Sacrifice your needs or future security for others
  • Use giving as a form of control


  • Have a budget, financial goals, and savings
  • Disciplined to make choices and delay gratification
  • Sacrifice enjoyable activities because of the cost
  • Buy based on price even if it isn't what you want


  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Buy items you really want that will retain value
  • Find it hard to respond to new opportunities
  • Expected to help others


Emotions of Money - Personality Tips