Loyola University Chicago

Financial Aid Office

Study Abroad

For students attending Loyola's John Felice Rome Center, a Loyola exchange, or select Jesuit provider programs (see OIP website) all assistance is transferable to the student abroad program, with the exception of Federal Work-Study. For programs with reduced tuition, Loyola aid will be prorated to cover the same percentage. Students attending all other affiliates (such as API, IES, SIT, USAC, see OIP website for complete list) may receive State or Federal grants or loans as part of their financial aid award, but not institutional awards. 

For a list of Loyola exchange programs, visit: www.luc.edu/studyabroad. All financial aid processing must be completed before your departure. Financial aid processing includes: signing all promissory notes, completing online entrance loan counseling, and enrolling in Direct Deposit for refund processing. To review the status of your financial aid, review your to-do list within the Tasks tile in LOCUS: www.luc.edu/locus.

Visiting Students to the John Felice Rome Center

Federal regulations allow a student to receive financial assistance only from the school from which he/she will receive a degree. A visiting student who attends Loyola's Rome Center cannot receive federal, state or institutional grant or loan assistance from Loyola.

If the students "home" school agrees to process aid on the student's behalf, the student must arrange for a consortium agreement between the student's school and Loyola. This agreement allows the home school to award financial assistance, even though the student is enrolled at Loyola. Inquiries regarding consortium agreements should be directed to LUfinaid@luc.edu

Please note: Some schools do not allow participation in consortium agreements; your home school will determine your eligibility for a consortium agreement. The options for financial assistance for students in ineligible programs are limited to Alternative Loans.