Loyola University Chicago

Department of History

European History

Faculty and Fields of Expertise

As you can see from this linked list of scholars and scholarship, our broad range of methodologies converge on intersections between culture, religion, society, and politics, especially, but not exclusively, in authoritarian contexts ranging from Ancient Rome, the Medieval world, Renaissance principalities, Tudor-Stuart England, Reformation-era Germany, Imperial Russia,Imperial Britain, Conservative France, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany,  the Soviet Union, Modern Eastern Europe, and the Balkans.  Within these general areas, the cultures of Nationalism, Imperialism, Fascism, Christianity, and Colonialism are of particular interest to our faculty. Our comparative explorations of the transnational dimensions of these issues, across European borders and extending to global issues of colonialism and decolonization, are consistent with the cutting edges of European historiography. See this link for an evolving blog on our European fields.