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AP Credit Policies

Math Requirements

Computer Science Requirements

  • Introduction to Computing: COMP 1501
  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming & Data Structures: COMP 271
  • One of the following two courses:
    • COMP 170: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
    • Math 215: Object-Oriented Mathematical Programming
  • Introduction to Computer Systems: COMP 264
  • One of the following two courses:
    • COMP 313: Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming
    • COMP 363: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • COMP 376: Formal Languages and Automata
    One of the following six courses:
  • Any two 300-level, 3-credit courses in Computer Science. Courses may be found here.

1COMP 150 may be replaced by a COMP 300-level classroom elective if MATH 215/COMP 215 is taken.