Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

BS in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics

The laws and theories of modern physics are formulated in the language of modern mathematics. In the past, students wishing to study the basic physical laws governing our universe might have gotten away with proficiency in multivariable calculus; but no longer. Since the advent of statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and the like, a solid foundation in analysis, abstract algebra, and statistics is also essential. Students pursuing a B.S. in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics with gain exposure to these modern physical theories and to the abstract mathematics underpinning them. Graduating students will be well-prepared for advanced degrees in applied mathematics, physics, or engineering.


AP Credit Policies

Mathematics Course Requirements

Physics Course Requirements

Note: 63 total credit hours

Students must also satisfy all requirements of Loyola university and the college of arts and sciences. Students pursuing this major are exempt from the "Quantitative Knowledge and Inquiry" and "Scientific Knowledge and Inquiry" core requirements.