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Mathematics and Statistics

BS/MS Program in Mathematics

For MS year starting Fall 2023 and beyond *

* Planned changes. Students beginning their year prior to Fall 2023 should consult the prior program description.

The BS/MS program in Mathematics gives academically successful Loyola undergraduates the opportunity to pursue the MS degree in Mathematics while completing their BS degree. There are several advantages to enrolling in the BS/MS program.

  • Strengthen your resumé. Broaden your mathematics and statistics backround with an assortment of elective courses you couldn't squeeze in during your BS career; go deeper into the modern study of algebra and analysis, and get a glimpse of mathematics as it is applied in cognate fields. (Not to mention attend our professional development seminar and produce a marketable research report during the practicum.) 
  • Do it in less time. The entire dual degree program can be completed in five years, while the typical MS student at Loyola takes 1.5 years to earn their degree. (Three 400-level courses may be taken as a senior, and count toward both the bachelor's degree and the master's degree.)
  • Do it at lower cost. The application fee is waived for BS/MS applicants, and there is an additional financial benefit: the double-counted courses are billed only once, at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Requirements for Completion of the BS/MS Program

After admission to the BS/MS program, students generally complete three 400-level mathematics or statistics courses (9 credits) plus the graduate seminar (1 credit) during their senior year; and complete the remaining 20 credits during their fifth year. This schedule can be modified for students wishing to finish the combined program in less than, or more than, five years. Students in the program are expected to consult regularly with the Graduate Program Director to insure that they are on track for completion of both the BS and MS degrees. The following are required to complete the BS/MS degree program in Mathematics:

  • Successful completion of an approved BS degree from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. It is expected that the student complete all degree requirements for their chosen BS degree at least one semester before completing the MS degree.
  • Thirty credits from the Graduate School (nine 400-level courses, plus the graduate seminar and practicum), with a combined GPA of 3.0 or higher for those taken after BS degree conferral. See the MS curriculum page for further details.

Further Information

If you have additional questions about the program, please contact Dr. Aaron Lauve, Graduate Program Director for Mathematics.