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Knowledge of mathematics and statistics skills are necessary for understanding and participating in a complex and technical society.
Now more than ever, students must be conversant in the language, concepts, and methodology of mathematics and statistics to be competitive in the modern job market. Whether you are interested in business efficiency, environmental sustainability, biochemistry and bioinformatics, careers in education, or even pure research in engineering or the physical sciences, a solid mathematics background is key.

It is the mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Loyola University Chicago, in the College of Arts and Sciences to provide this background. Toward this end, we provide numerous undergraduate and graduate programs, courses designed for a variety of majors throughout the college, vibrant research and teaching seminars, and highly active research faculty (with several involving undergraduates in their research).

Additionally, our mission supports the Jesuit ideal of knowledge in the service of humanity. The faculty is actively engaged in modernizing our course offerings in terms of content, delivery, applications, and social impact. Through our curriculum—designed to foster advanced critical thinking and analytical skills, and the ability to articulate them—we are preparing future leaders to engage with their communities and the world.


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