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Our students engage in award-winning research that pushes the envelope in statistics.

2019 Research Symposium

Last year, six students from our MS in Applied Statistics program presented their research at Loyola's 12 Annual Graduate School Interdisciplinary Research Symposium. Graduate student Cuong Pham won the Best Quantitative Paper Presentation Award. Congratulations to Cuong and to all of our students who presented! See below for our 2019 participating graduate students.

This image is a collage of eight photos. In each photo, a student presenter is standing in front of a poster that displays their research.

Cuong Pham and Timothy O'Brien PhD
"Assessing the Effects of HAART Medications on HIV patients using Linear Finite Mixture Modelling"
Best Quantitative Paper Presentation

Hannah Butler and Swarnali Banerjee
"Dimension Reduction Algorithms in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Data"

Grady Flanary, Kajal Chokshi, Gregory Matthews PhD
"Shape Analysis: Applications in Taxonomic Classification of Teeth"

Joy H. Lee and Gregory J. Matthews PhD
"Between Raking and Post-Stratification: Partial Raking"

Haitling You, Gregory Matthews PhD, Timothy O'Brien PhD
"Housing Price Prediction with Machine Learning"

Meng Xie, C. Joyce, K. Swope, D. Dligach, E. Salisbury-Afshar, N. Karnik, and M. Afshar
"A Computable Phenotype for Opioid Misuse Using Electronic Health Record Data Among Hospitalized Patients"