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Outcomes | Jobs with Statistics Degree from Loyola

Students in Loyola's MS in Applied Statistics program embark on a journey that offers more than a valuable degree.

Each student's educational experience challenges them to think in different ways and learn new, important skills as they prepare for careers in this growing and varied field.

The majority (about 90%) of our graduates choose to enter the workforce upon completion of their studies; the remaining graduates choose PhD programs to further their studies. Those entering to workforce find good-paying jobs in the fields of applied statistics, banking, bioinformatics, biostatistics, data science, environmental statistics, financial analytics, insurance, market research and statistics, medical analytics, predictive analytics, quantitative risk analysis, social and policy research, and statistical programming. Additionally, approximately 2-3 students per year enter highly competitive, top-notch PhD programs such as Northwestern University, the University of Illinois (Chicago or Urbana/Champaign), the University of Michigan, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Recent graduates are now employed at organizations such as AC Nielsen, Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Price Waterhouse, and Trustmark.

Our 2018 graduates are now working at companies and organiztions such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, and UCLA's Center for Health Policy Research as data scientists and statisticians. Others have been placed in PhD programs at the University of Indiana - Bloomington and the University of Utah in statistics and cognitive and neural science. 

See a complete list of our placements on our Job Placement page or read about our alumni on our Alumni Profiles spotlight page. 

Career Night: Discover the right career for you.

The MS in Applied Statistics program hosts a career night every year where students explore career options with a panel of real professionals. View photos from past career nights: Applied Statistics Career Night Photos.

DataFest: Connect and compete using real data from major companies.

The MS in Applied Statistics program hosts DataFest, a data "hackathon" where students connect and compete in teams to gain experience working with datasets provided by companies and organizations such as TicketMaster, Expedia.com, and Indeed.com.

To learn more about DataFest, go to Loyola's Datafest page. 

Engage in innovative graduate research.

Our graduates engage in award-winning research while in our MS in Applied Statistics program. They develop envelope-pushing research projects in biostatistics, machine learning, and more. Our graduates engage in research with faculty and other graduate students from Applied Statistics and across other disciplines such as medicine, computer science, and psychiatry. Learn more on our Graduate Research page.