Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics

Majors Requiring Math

The following majors and programs include Calculus or Calculus-track math courses. Your ability to complete a major or program in four years might depend on your placement in math. Read through your major to find out what math course(s) are expected and in which math course you should begin. Talk to an advisor if you need assistance in understanding the math requirements for your major or program.

If your major is not listed in the table below, then your major did not require math at the time of last update. Please contact your academic advisor if you are in doubt.

Last Updated: March 2016.

College of Arts and Sciences
Biochemistry BS Bioinformatics BS Biology BS
Biophysics BS Chemistry BA, BS Communications Networks and Security BS
Computer Science BS Economics BA Forensic Science BS
Mathematics BS Mathematics and Computer Science BS Mathematics Education BS
Neuroscience BS Physics BS Physics BS (Pre-Engineering/Dual-Degree Engineering)
Physics and Computer Science BS Psychology BS Software Engineering BS
Statistics BS Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics BS Undecided—BS
Quinlan School of Business
Accounting BBA Economics BA/BBA Entrepreneurship BBA
Finance BBA Human Resource Management BBA Information Systems BBA
International Business BBA Management BBA Marketing BBA
Operations Management BBA Sports Management BBA Undecided—BBA
School of Education
Middle School Education BSEd    
School of Nursing
Exercise Science BS  Health Systems Management BS  
Engineering Science
Engineering Science BS    
Pre-Dental Pre-Engineering Pre-Medicine
Pre-Optometry Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Podiatry Pre-Veterinarian Dual Acceptance Pharmacy