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Modern Languages and Literatures

Italian Language Minor


The minor in Italian Language offers students the opportunity to master skills of language acquisition and cross-cultural communicative competence while developing multicultural awareness of Italian-speaking communities in Italy and beyond its borders. Our program prepares students to think critically, and allows them to gain knowledge of cultural expressions of various level of the people of Italy and those of Italian heritage throughout the world.


Six courses in Italian language. Students with no previous experience in Italian will begin with begin with Italian 101-102, complete the intermediate Italian 103-104 sequence, and then the advanced 250-251 sequence. Students with previous experience in Italian will begin at a higher level and then complete a total of six Italian courses, which can include literary courses such as Italian 270 or 271 or 300-level courses, including Italian 395 Internships.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Show intermediate to advanced proficiency in speaking, understanding, reading and writing skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of content areas (Italian grammar, Italian cultural expressions, Italian cinema etc.)
  • Understand the principle characteristics which define Italian culture
  • Trace change over time in cultural values - with particular emphasis on contemporary Italy
  • Examine and describe numerous cultural expressions in order analyze key elements of Italian cultural identity and make cross-cultural, intercultural comparisons
  • Establish connections between literature, film, and society in the Italian-speaking world
  • Attain better cultural competency
  • Foster a lifelong interest and enthusiasm for Italian-speaking cultural production

Professional use

  • Government
  • Foreign service
  • International business
  • International law
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Translation 
  • Tourist and hospitality industry

Declaring a Minor

Please log in to your LOCUS account to declare a minor in Italian. Visit http://www.luc.edu/hub/declaremajor.shtml for more information on how to add a minor in LOCUS. Upon declaring a minor, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor.

For for information, please contact:

Dr. Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Undergraduate Program Director
Crown Center 217, clombardidiop@luc.edu