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Beyond Crisis Management

Beyond Crisis Management is a new webinar series by Loyola University Chicago that seeks to provide timely, actionable guidance to leaders on how to prepare for what’s next in addressing coronavirus (COVID-19).

The series is hosted by the Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health and the Quinlan School of Business, draws on Loyola’s world-class researchers and on external partners to help you manage this challenging moment.

Stay up to date with "Beyond Crisis Management" webinar series or watch past recorded series at the Baumhart Leadership Hub.

Upcoming Webinar

NOVEMBER 16, 2020

Increasing Employee Engagement

Examine how these unprecedented times are impacting employees’ mental health and connection to one another and explore ways that employers can promote community and engage employees in positive action. 

Past Webinars

OCTOBER 29, 2020

Improving Employee Wellbeing

Examine how employers can help promote the mental health and work-life balance of their employees.

July 9, 2020

Innovating to Address COVID-19

Explore how to apply entrepreneurial strategy and lean design to address urgent social issues and explore four, inter-connected case studies from across Loyola.

May 28, 2020

Responsible Reopening: Developing Operations and Policies for Reopening Safely

Join us for this virtual conversation exploring how businesses and organizations can prepare their operations and human resources to safely and responsibly reopen amidst COVID-19.

MAY 19, 2020

Responsible Reopening: Testing and Contact Tracing

Explore best practices for testing and contact tracing and learn from leading public health experts on how to prepare your workplace to reopen safely and responsibly in this COVID-19 environment.

APRIL 23, 2020

Building Cross-Sectoral Partnerships

Explore why and how cross-sector partnerships will be critical to the next chapter in responding to coronavirus.