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Emotional Support Animal Request

An individual may qualify for an emotional support animal if they are a person with a disability, the animal is necessary in order to provide the person an equitable opportunity to use and enjoy on-campus housing, and there is an identifiable relationship between the disability and the assistance the animal provides. 

In order to be approved for an emotional support animal, students must be registered with SAC. 

To apply for registration with our office, students must: 

  1. Complete the application form and submit documentation.
  2. Meet with SAC Staff.

Additional Steps - After meeting with SAC staff, if an emotional support animal is approved there are additional steps: 

  • Student will provide appropriate documentation, vaccination records, and a health summary from a veterinarian. 

  • SAC will coordinate with Residence Life regarding any housing or roommate concerns. 

  • Any additional steps deemed necessary and in accordance with state and federal laws.

Emotional support animals are not permitted on campus until registration is complete. The student will receive final approval notification that they may bring the animal to campus from Residence Life.