Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

About Campus Safety FAQ

Our Lakeshore Campus office is located at 6427 N Sheridan Road, located in the Southernmost storefront in the Granada Center building.

Our Water Tower Campus office is not accessible to unauthorized person, but if you need assistance you can walk up to the front desk at any one of our buildings.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All sworn officers within the Campus Safety department are armed. Learn more on the Identifying Campus Safety page.

Yes, Loyola Campus Safety officers have an expanded jurisdiction that allows them to patrol and respond to parties in a specific geographic area. Within this expanded jurisdiction they have the same abilities as the Chicago Police Department.

Yes, we encourage you to first call 911 and get the Chicago Police Department involved but you can also contact us and we will respond alongside CPD.

Campus Safety takes all complaints and concerns seriously.  If you feel the need to make a complaint against the department or an officer, we encourage you to utilize the University's Ethicsline reporting program.  

Each complaint is reviewed by high level administrators in the University and are dealt with fairly.  

To visit the Ethicsline page please click here


Please also know that this reporting program can be used for any other department or issue on campus, not just those directed at Campus Safety.

You should always make a report with the Chicago Police Department. If you had any University property stolen (including keys and ID cards) you should make a theft report with Campus Safety.

Campus Safety security staff wear navy blue shirts, and sworn police officers wear tan or white collared shirts depending on rank. Police officers wear tan collared shirts underneath black body armor vest covers, while command staff officers (the rank of sergeant or above) wear white collared shirts underneath black body armor vest covers. Learn more on the Identifying Campus Safety page.