Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Lockdown Hardware

Lockdown Instructions

Familiarize yourself with the classrooms and meetings rooms you frequently use. Verify that the room is equipped with the lockdown hardware, this can be done by looking at the bottom of the door to check to see if the door and floor plates are installed. ‌

Wall plate

The Lockdown Red Handle is located in a clear plastic case mounted on the wall near doors equipped with the hardware.


Open the case by pulling down on the top. Remove the Red Handle from the case.


Grip the Red Handle in your hand with the narrow post end pointing down. 


Line the “T” shaped surface up with the slots in the door plate. 


Slide the Red Handle down ensuring that the post is securely inserted into the floor plate. 


Wait for further instruction from law enforcement.

Campus Safety Officers carry tools that allow for removal of the device by Law Enforcement from outside of the room in order to gain entry if needed.