Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Medical Emergencies

If the person is unconscious, has crushing chest pain, difficulty breathing, is having a seizure or stroke or has experienced significant trauma (hit by a car, gunshot wound, fall from a significant height) you should immediately call 911.  If possible, at the same time you should have someone call Campus Safety at 773.508.SAFE. 

The call taker at either 911 or Campus Safety is going to ask for the following information;

  • Your exact location
  • Sex and age of the victim
  • Is the victim conscious

Provide the call taker with as much information as you can.  Follow their instructions.  Please note, if you are on campus and do not know the exact address of where you are located, you should NOT call 911 first.  For instance, if you are in Damen Student Center and do not know the exact address, calling 911, even from a land-line phone, will not provide them with the appropriate address.  It is recommended if you do not know, or are unaware of the exact address that you call Campus Safety first who will then contact 911. 

During the regular Fall and Spring semesters, LUCEMS, a volunteer Emergency Medical Services program, comprised of licensed EMT's and Paramedics will respond to medical calls on the Lake Shore Campus.  These responders are state certified to provide quality pre-hospital care.  For more information on LUCEMS including their free CPR training classes, please visit their website at www.luc.edu/ems.