Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Identifying Campus Safety

Loyola’s Campus Safety department has two uniformed patrol groups. One is comprised of sworn police officers, and the other group is made up of our non-sworn security force. Other than the police and security, Campus Safety has additional personnel that serve as locksmiths, access control at entryways for campus buildings, and in the department’s dispatch center.

All Campus Police Officers have successfully completed the state required 440 Hour Law Enforcement Academy. These Police Officers have the powers of arrest in the entire county and carry firearms. Campus Security Officers have successfully passed a state required 24 hour training. 


Security staff changed uniforms in Fall 2020 to help better distinguish them from sworn officers. Shown at right is the new navy blue uniform shirt that replaced the grey-collared shirts with bulletproof vest carriers our security staff previously wore. They also now only carry a few pieces of equipment and keys.

Sworn Police Officers

All sworn police officers in a patrol function wear the uniforms in the photos below. Police officers wear tan collared shirts underneath black body armor vest covers (on left), while command staff officers (the rank of sergeant or above) wear white collared shirts underneath black body armor vest covers (on right).

Campus Safety police officers have six-point stars and are not members of the Chicago Police Department, who wear blue uniformed shirts and have five-point stars. Regardless of rank, these armed police officers have jurisdiction in all of Cook County. Officers not in uniform are required to announce their office and display police credentials (star and police ID) when interacting with the public or the Loyola community. 

Winter Gear

Campus Safety officers also wear jackets over their current uniforms in colder weather. The photos below illustrate what our officers will look like in colder weather. All officers may wear uniform hats year-round.

Security staff (far left) wear maroon hats that say Campus Safety (knit or ball cap style). All police officers wear black hats. Issued knit caps say Campus Police (middle two photos), while issued ball caps have an embroidered police medallion (far right).

Squad Cars

Below is an image of a Campus Safety squad car.