Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Public Transportation Tips

  • When riding a bus, use a stop that's well lit and near a coffee shop or store that's open. 

  • Travel with a friend or co-worker whenever possible. 

  • Know the bus or subway schedule ahead of time, so you aren't forced to wait longer than necessary. 

  • Don't sleep on the bus or subway. 

  • Sit near the bus driver. 

  • Have your money or tokens in hand to give to the driver. This way you won't fumble with your wallet or purse. 

  • Don't engage in unnecessary conversation with strangers. Never give out any personal information. The person you're talking to may be fine, but others can overhear. 

  • Don't get too involved with reading while you wait. Stay alert! 

  • Move away from people who appear intoxicated, even if this means going to another stop. 

  • Don't share a cab with a stranger. 

  • Sit near the aisle so you can get up quickly if someone bothers you. 

  • Don't sit near the exit door on busses, trains or subways. At stops, when the door opens, someone can reach in and snatch your purse or briefcase. 

  • Hold on firmly to your purse or briefcase. Don't put it on the seat beside you. Keep it in your lap or wedge it between your feet. 

  • Tuck necklaces inside your clothing and turn rings around so that valuable stones aren't showing. Better yet, remove jewelry before using public transportation.