Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

June 8, 2011

Crime Alert: Flash Mob Offenders Near WTC

Loyola Community,

In mid-April, the Department of Campus Safety alerted you to a “flash mob offender” incident that occurred near the McDonald’s located on the corner of Chicago and State (near the Water Tower Campus). Since that disturbance, a number of similar incidents have occurred around the city, with the most recent occurring last evening, June 7. According to media reports, witnesses reported seeing a group of teens beat and rob two people at Chicago and Wabash. The group ended up taking a wallet before running to the Red Line.

While the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and Loyola’s Campus Safety continue to step up patrols in this area, it’s important for our students, faculty, and staff to keep these eight safety tips in mind:

  1. Refrain from using laptops and mobile devices on the streets and on public transportation, particularly on the Red Line, as thefts of these items are drastically on the rise on that line
  2. When taking public transportation, always remain aware of your surroundings; if you plan on going out for the evening, travel in groups or with a friend and remember to travel in well lit areas, avoiding alleys and dark streets
  3. Avoid listening to a mobile device with earphones while you are out walking around, as this minimizes your general awareness of your surroundings and your ability to hear an approaching threat
  4. If while walking, jogging, shopping, cycling, etc., you observe a large and unruly crowd approaching you, consider turning around, crossing the street, or finding a safe building that you can temporarily wait in until the crowd has moved on; remember, if you sense something is wrong, it probably is
  5. Hold on to your personal belongings, bags, purses, etc., as tight and secure as possible, as purse snatches and related thefts are also on the rise in the area
  6. Avoid panhandlers that try to stop you; a moving target makes it much more difficult for a potential offender
  7. When accessing an ATM, be aware of your surroundings; also, never take your money out in public and count it
  8. When you leave, always let someone know where you are going and when you will return

Again, please remain aware of your surroundings, and be sure to report any suspicious activity immediately to Campus Safety at 773.508.SAFE or the CPD via 9-1-1. Also, if you have specific questions about these incidents, please let me know. I can be reached at rfine@luc.edu or 773.508.2398.


Robert Fine
Director, Campus Safety