Loyola University Chicago

Campus Safety

Your Role in Staying Safe FAQ

Our biggest concern is the safety and well being of every person who steps onto our property. We work very hard to ensure that Loyola University Chicago is a safe place that allows people to study and worship safely.

The Lakeshore Campus is located in the 24th District of the Chicago Police Department. Out of the 25 police districts in the city, the 24th District is the 5th lowest in terms of reported crimes; both property and personal. Campus Safety works with the Chicago Police Department to ensure that the Loyola community is as safe as it can be. Often I have to leave campus late, and especially when it becomes darker early, I find myself walking alone at night. Whenever possible you should plan your activities so that you are never walking alone at night. If you are walking on campus, be sure to stick to the sidewalks and pathways that are lit. Keep an eye out for the nearest blue light emergency phone in case you need to contact Campus Safety quickly. If you are out alone between 6pm and 2:30am, we encourage you to use the 8-RIDE escort service. If you are out after 2:30am or during breaks where 8-RIDE service is not operating, we encourage you to keep money on hand to be able to take a taxi. We recognize that emergencies pop up and that you can not always plan your events in advance. If you find yourself unable to safely walk home alone at night, we suggest contacting Campus Safety at 773.508.6039 and asking if they have any suggestions or might be able to help.

For information on the shuttle buses or the 8-RIDE program, please contact the Transportation office at (773) 508-2399 or their website.