Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Theatre Course Rotation

It’s important to note that while many courses are offered every semester, more advanced classes are offered less frequently - often once a year, or even every two years. Rotations are subject to change. See below for more information.

THTR 100 Intro to Theatre Experience X X  
THTR 142 Class Voice for Beginners X X  
THTR 203 Dramatic & Theatrical Process X    
THTR 204 Playwriting    X  
THTR 227 Stage Management   Spring 2023 
THTR 241 Voice and Diction for the Stage I   X Not offered when THTR 344 is offered
THTR 252 Theatrical Design I X X  
THTR 261 Beginning Acting X X  
THTR 267 Acting Theories and Techniques II X  
THTR 300 Design Technology   Fall 2026, offered every 4 years
THTR 305 Theatre Workshop X X Special Topics offered with appropriate project
THTR 321S Theatre Practicum: Scenic Construction X  
THTR 321C Theatre Practicum: Costume Construction X X  
THTR 321E Theatre Practicum: Electrics X X  
THTR 321P Theatre Practicum: Production Staff X X  
THTR 321R Theatre Practicum: Running Crew X X  
THTR 323 Rehearsal & Performance X X  
THTR 324D Applied Design X X  
THTR 324M Applied Management X X  
THTR 327 Theatre Operation X   Fall 2023, offered every 2 years
THTR 329 Makeup and Mask Design   Fall 2023, offered every 4 years
THTR 331 Movement: Theories and Techniques I X    
THTR 335 London Theatre Experience     Summer 2023, offered every 2 years
THTR 344 Dialects for the Stage     As needed
THTR 346 Scenic Art   Fall 2024
THTR 348 Creative Dramatics     
THTR 352 Theatrical Design II   X  
THTR 353 Theatrical Design III    
THTR 354 Storytelling Design   Fall 2025
THTR 364 Theatre History and Literature I X    
THTR 365 Theatre History and Literature II   X  
THTR 366 Theatre History and Literature III X    
THTR 367 Theatre History and Literature IV   X  
THTR 368 Acting Theories & Techniques III X    
THTR 369 Acting Theories & Techniques IV   X  
THTR 375 Play Direction: THTR Capstone   X  
THTR 377 Audition Seminar   X  
THTR 393 Shakespeare Seminar   X  
THTR 394 Internship in Theatre X X  
THTR 397 Fieldwork in Chicago X X  
THTR 399 Independent Study X X