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Department of Fine and Performing Arts


General Audition Information

The Department of Fine and Performing Arts holds auditions for actors, singers and dancers for its Mainstage and studet led Second Stage productions throughout the academic year.

On average, the DFPA produces 3-4 Mainstage productions a year and 6-10 Second Stage projects. Depending on the time commitment, students that are cast are enrolled in THTR 323 - Rehearsal and Performance. This one-credit class, in addition to supporting the amount of time a student spends in rehearsals and performances, also serves as part of the applied knowledge in production that theatre majors will receive as part of their graduation requirements.

Incoming freshmen have the opportunity to audition for competitive scholarshipsUsually these auditions are scheduled in the February prior to a student's enrollment in the program.

Current students looking for more information regarding upcoming auditions are encouraged to join the THTR PROGRAM Sakai site. 

Functioning much like the class-specific Sakai spaces, the THTR PROGRAM Sakai is the best place to find any announcements or information regarding upcoming opportunities. Please email dfpamc@luc.edu to be added to the site. Students enrolled in theatre classes are automatically added to the site at the beginning of the semester.

Current students may also join LUC Theatre News on Facebook.


Fall 2020 Mainstage Auditions

The Newhart Family Theatre is our primary venue with 215 seats and a thrust stage. It hosts many of our Mainstage series of productions each year. Typically, these productions are directed by faculty members and have performances scheduled over multiple weeks in the semester.


The Wolves
By Sarah DeLappe

Directed by Jonathan Wilson
Movement Coordinator Devon deMayo

Performances October 22 - November 1, 2020

Description: Left quad. Right quad. Lunge. A girl's indoor soccer team warms up. From the safety of their suburban stretch circle, the team navigates big questions and wages tiny battles with all the vim and vigor of a pack of adolescent warriors. Sarah DeLappe creates a portrait of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for nine American girls who just want to score some goals.

Audition Info:

  • Complete the on-line sign up for a time slot to audition
  • Auditionees will be put into groups of 7 to read the first scene of The Wolves, with parts randomly assigned. Sides will be sent out by the Production Office after you submit the audition form.
  • Audition Date: Tuesday, August 25 @ 6:00-10:00pm
  • Location: Mundelein Center, Room 409

To Prepare:

  • It is recommended auditionees read The Wolves prior to auditions.
  • If you are unable to procure a personal copy of the script, please email DFPAProduction@luc.edu.
  • Review The Wolves Summer Skills Packet. This production requires a lot of physical activity, and familiarity with controlling a soccer ball. We prepared some resources to look at over the summer to learn or enhance some skills. None of these need to be perfected, it's a starting point for those who may have never played soccer before.

Callback Details: If invited to callbacks, you will be asked to demonstrate your soccer ball skills through dribbling and juggling the ball. Please wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in.

  • Callback Date: Wednesday, August 26 @ 6:00-10:00pm
  • Location: Mundelein Center, Room 409


Fall 2020 Second Stage Auditions

Second Stage projects are smaller performances and presentations often produced in our Underground Theatre, a black box flexible theatre space. Student-run, and varied, these projects provide unique opportunities for students.


Led by Gina Saglimbeni

Performances September 12 | 4pm and 8pm | Underground Theatre 

Description: Original Journals is a space for lead Gina Saglimbeni to share her slam poetry in a theatrical setting while bringing forward the potential impact slam poetry can have to a larger audience. Having been immersed in the work herself, Gina will lead a team of actors in creating one cohesive show and final performance based on her original work which grapples with loss of innocence, mental health, and heartbreak.

Audition Info:

  • Complete the on-line sign up for a time slot to audition.
  • Audition Date: Thursday, August 27 | 6-9pm
  • Location: Mundelein Center, Room 125

To Prepare:



Led by Lily Cate Gunther-Canada

Performance November 13 | 5pm | Mundelein Center 409

Description: Just Anne: Historical Accuracy Onstage is an original play by Lily Cate Gunther-Canada about the misconceived relationship between Queen Anne of England, and Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough. Taken directly from their written correspondence, Just Anne tells the true story of two powerful women and their tumultuous relationship that grapples with love, legacy and loyalty. As a process-based research project with a series of readings, concluding with a final open perfomance and talk-back, Just Anne seeks to address the limits and effectiveness of historical accuracy onstage.

Audition Info:

  • Complete the on-line sign up for a time slot to audition
  • Audition Date: Friday, August 28 | 4pm-6pm
  • Location: Mundelein Center, Room 125

To Prepare:

  • Auditions will consist of readings of sides from the text with other students auditioning. One does not need to have prepared material, but it is encouraged one is familiar with the text.
  • Sides will be distributed by the Production Office to those that have signed up in mid-August.



Led by Rebecca Walker

Performances November 21 | 4pm and 8pm | Mundelein Center 125

Description: Inspired by her own and the world's obsession with true crime, Rebecca Walker sees Morbid Curiosity as a space for collaborators to explore their own fears through the creation of their very own psychological thriller. Focusing on the writing process and inspired by shows like The Twilight Zone, collaborators will write and perform pieces exploring true-to-life fear, pop culture, and crime.

Audition Info:

  • Complete the on-line sign up for a time slot to audition
  • Audition Date: Saturday, August 29 | 10am - 1pm
  • Location: Mundelein Center, Room 811

To Prepare:

  • Auditions will be in 2 phases. The first phase will consist of 5-10-minute interviews. The second phase will be a writing workshop.
  • Please prepare to be present for the entire audition time.



Written by Cameron Sheppard, Directed by Luca Calabro

Performances October 31 | 4pm and 8pm | Underground Theatre

Description: Mary Doesn't Wear Red Lipstick, led by Cameron Sheppard, is a continuation of the Fall 2019 statged-reading of Hail Francis. Hail Francis, a story about faith, love, and judgement, follows a brave young woman's journey to understand herself in a Catholic all-girls high school. Having continued her work since the first reading, with this staging Cameron will further the production, including staging, costumes, and lighting and sound design. This level of production will help all involved to better understand the process any original script may take when coming to the stage and will allow for continued work on the script itself.

Audition Info:

  • Complete the on-line sign up for a time slot to audition.
  • Audition Date: Sunday, August 30 | 10am-1pm
  • Location: Mundelein Center, Room 409

To Prepare:

  • Auditions will be composed of scene selections from the play.
  • The sides will be distributed in August to those who have signed up for an audition slot