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Welcome New Ramblers!

Hello new Ramblers -- welcome to LUC!! The Tutoring Center provides academic and learning support for undergraduate Loyola University Chicago students. We saw over 25,000 visits and appointments just last year alone, so our students heavily utilize our services! Our goal is to make learning FUN, accessible, and meets your needs! Services are also 100% FREE!!   

Check out an overview of our servives and work with campus partners in this comprehensive F23 Academic Services and F23 Subject Support!

Supplemental Instruction (SI) 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) consists of regularly scheduled, out-of-class, drop-in group study sessions driven by your needs. Sessions are facilitated by trained undergrad student SI Leaders who utilize collaborative activities to ensure peer-to-peer interaction in small groups (UMKC 2018). SI is offered for historically difficult 100 and 200 level courses in biology, chemistry, math, and physics.  

Peer Tutoring 

Peer tutoring provides support to some 100 and 200-level courses through study groups of up to 8 studentsUsing a collaborative approach, each group is led by an undergrad peer tutorAppointments can be made on TutorTrac 

Here are the anticipated courses sponsored by SI and Peer Tutoring for fall 2022

Supplemental InstructionPeer Tutoring
BIOL 101/251/282   
CHEM 102/160/180/212/221/223
ENGR 312/322/324
ENVS 207
GNUR 155/160/203/294
MATH 100/117/118/131/132
MCN 273
MSN 277
PHIL 181
PHYS 111/121
PSYC 101
ACCT 201/202
BIOL 111
ECON 201/202
ENVS 101/203/207
FINC 301
GNUR 238
INFS 247
Math 161/162/263/264
NEUR 101
PSYC 304
SCMG 332
STAT 103

Success Coaching 

In personalized, one-on-one Success Coach meetings, students meet with a coach to talk about their academic experiences, identify areas for growth, and create a customized, realistic plan for success.  For example, students may choose to work on study skills, time management, notetaking, stress management, exam preparation, or other learning strategies. Appointments can be made on TutorTrac. 

UNIV 112: Strategies for Learning 

This one-credit, semester-long course helps students assess their academic skills and become strong, effective learners in college. During the semester, each student work with the instructor and a Success Coach to develop learning strategies such as test preparation, notetaking, study skills, and final exam preparation. Students reflect on their academic experiences and create a plan for success.