Loyola University Chicago

Financial Aid Office

Enrollment Requirements

Half-time enrollment is required to receive federal loans.

Undergraduate Semester 6-11 hours 12+ hours
Graduate Semester 4-7 hours 8+ hours
Graduate Quarter
3-5 hours 6+ hours

Generally, to be considered half-time a graduate student must be enrolled in at least four graduate semester hours or three graduate quarter hours (depending on the program). Full-time enrollment is defined as eight graduate semester hours or six graduate quarter hours (depending on the program). However, a graduate student may be considered enrolled full-time in a term if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Enrolled in eligible clerkship, internship, or practicum coursework (not all courses are eligible; typically these are classes requiring field/agency work); or
  • Semester students enrolled in any masters or doctoral coursework that is considered full-time by Registration and Records.

Note:Students enrolled in Research are considered full-time in terms where their enrollment is at least eight graduate semester hours.