Loyola University Chicago

Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing

Health Systems Management Minor

Students who wish to expand their major area of study with health administration skills may pursue a minor in Health Systems Management.

Students interested in the minor must submit a Declaration of HSM Minor form to HSM Academic Advisor. All HSM minors must consult with the HSM Academic Advisor regarding the sequence of six courses (totaling 18 credit hours) as detailed below. HSM classes are not offered each semester and classes fill quickly.

Two courses (6 credit hours) are required and four courses (12 credit hours) are to be selected from the elective course list.  Grades of “C-” or better must be earned in all minor courses. A maximum of three transfer credit hours may be applied to the HSM minor.

HSM Minors who are academically eligible and intend to transfer into the HSM Major must transfer before Spring of the Junior year in order to enroll in internship in Spring of the Senior year. 

Required courses:  6 CREDIT HOURS

HSM 110* Healthcare in America
HSM 368 Management of Healthcare Organizations

elective courses:  12 CREDIT HOURS

Select a minimum of one course (3 credit hours) and up to two courses (6 credit hours) from Group 1:

*These classes fulfill the university engaged learning requirement
** This class fulfills the university CORE Philosophical Knowledge Tier II requirement

HSM 210* Introduction to Global Health
HSM 220* Healthcare Services for Healthy Aging
HSM 230 Fundamentals of Health Equity
HSM 240 Health Care Workforce Environment
PHIL 284** Healthcare Ethics

Select a minimum of two courses (6 credit hours) and up to three courses (9 credit hours) from Group 2:

HSM 310 Introduction to Healthcare Project Management
HSM 315 Health Care Quality and Performance Improvement
HSM 325 Health Care Fiscal Management (pre-requisite FINC 301 C- or better)
HSM 330 Health Care Legal and Regulatory Environment
HSM 338* Health Care Marketing
HSM 340 Health Care Policy
HSM 358 Healthcare Management Research
HSM 386 Health Information Systems Management
ECON 329 Health Economics (pre-requisite ECON 201 C- or better)