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Picture of OpScan 6 for Scantron Page

The Scantron system at Loyola allows users to use Scantron forms for administrating selection based tests, quizzes and surveys. Loyola offers the Scantron OpScan 6 in conjunction with Scantron form number F-1712-PAR-L for use with the ParScore software.

Please note that the Scantron form number changed when Loyola adopted the Parscore software early in 2014. The new form can be ordered by visiting the Scantron store through the provided link: Scantron form number F-1712-PAR-L.

Scantron Materials

To provide flexibility, there is one Scantron OpScan 6 at each of the Lakeside campuses.

  • Lake Shore Campus: BVM Hall 1013
  • Water Tower Campus: Schreiber Center 308

A detailed guide for Scantron processing using the OpScan 6 and ParScore software is available here: Scantron Processing Guide

Q: What length ID number should I use?
A: Any ID length can be used. Here are some ID guidelines:

    • ID's must be unique
    • ID's must be right justified
    • Use the same ID length for all scanned items in your course
    • Typically the students 9 digit Loyola ID

Q: Where can I get an answer key sheet?
A: Use the same Scantron form number F-1712-PAR-L form used for responses. For more information on how to format the Answer Key, please review the Scantron Guide (above).

Loyola provides some online/digital alternatives to using Scantron. These include:

  • Sakai
    • Test and Quizzes
    • Evaluation
    • Polls
  • Interactive Polling: Top Hat


Please contact Help Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu