Loyola University Chicago

Information Technology Services

Data Collection and Analysis

Loyola University Chicago offers resources for collecting and organizing data, and software for data analysis.

Data collection resources include REDCap, a general purpose data collection tool, and Qualtrics, a specialized survey research tool.  REDCap is generally used by clinical researchers as a self-service tool to design data collection forms for use by either the research team or subjects.  Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool for research and educational activities.

Statistical software includes IBM SPSS Statistics, SAS, STATA, and R/R Studio, among other specialized software.  Information on these programs and how to request licenses is available on the Academic Research Technologies website.  Please note these resources are not available on hospital computers, however R/R Studio is open-source.

The Clinical Research Office's Biostatistics Core is available to help with study design, REDCap database creation, and statistical analysis needs.  Biostatistics help can be requested using the CRO Request Form found on their mainpage.

Specialized clinical natural language processing (cNLP) capabilities are available for researchers who need to process and/or utilize unstructured clinical narrative for their research activities.  Loyola’s cNLP resources include the “Clinical Natural Language Analytics Engine” (cNAE)  and “Clinical Natural Language Processing Inference Engine” (cNIE).  A traditional cTAKES-based cNLP batch processing pipeline is also available. Support and additional information for these resources can be requested by emailing the Informatics and Clinical Research team.   

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