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Information Technology Services

Equipment Loan

The Equipment Loan Program launched on January 14, 2008, along with the start of the first Digital Media Lab in the Loyola Information Commons. This space that was created as a place to put digital media resources into the hands of students by reducing the financial barriers associated with accessing technology.

What is the Equipment Loan Program?

Our Digital Media Labs serve as primary locations to be a sandbox for testing, exploration in creating engaging multimedia content. We encourage students, faculty and staff to serve as early adopters to discover new technologies, develop new resources and ideas and find new ways to innovate both inside and outside the classroom. Equipment kits within the loan program is refreshed and updated at regular intervals from semester to semester, maintaining new and established equipment ready to be utilized by the Loyola community. From digital cameras and projectors to chroma key screens and lighting kits, be sure to make the Equipment Loan Program a regular part of your project cycle!

How much does it cost to use the Equipment Loan Program?

The Equipment Loan Program is a service covered by the Student Technology Fee paid upon enrollment in courses at Loyola University Chicago. There are no additional charges or costs associated with using the program. The exception to this is when equipment is returned late, damaged, lost or stolen. To learn more, visit our pages.

What equipment do you offer for loan?

Digital Media Services offers equipment for short- and long-term loan. Review the section for a robust menu of categories and equipment kits that are available for loan from Digital Media Services. Our Equipment Loan Rooms circulate equipment for both Short- and Long-Term loan.

Long-Term Loan

A wide variety of resources available for up to 7-day circulation intervals. We strongly encourage our clients to reserve equipment in advance via the online Equipment Reservation System as this helps to guarantee the equipment when you need it. Long-Term Loan equipment is circulated from the Information Commons room 203 (LSC) and Corboy Law Center room 605 (WTC).

Short-Term Loan

Heavily utilized resources for short-periods of time are available for Short-Term Loan, with circulation intervals up to 3-hours. This includes Mac Laptops and Power Cords, Apple and Android USB phone chargers and Headphones. This equipment does not have a reservation system and is first-come, first-serve only. Short-Term Loan equipment is circulated from the Information Commons 2nd floor services desk (LSC) and Corboy Law Center room 605 (WTC).