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Loyola Secure Transfer

Loyola Secure Transfer is a file sharing service available to all Loyola students, faculty, and staff with a valid UVID. Share files with other users in an easy, fast, and secure way that gives you as much control over the downloads as you desire. Set expiration dates, limit the number of downloads, and create links for public access to specified files. Emails from Loyola Secure Transfer will appear either from the sender's address or securetransfer@luc.edu.

Loyola Secure Transfer Instructions

Loyola Secure Transfer is not a storage service. Files that are uploaded to the server will automatically be removed after a specified time period.

The Loyola Secure Transfer site can be found at https://securetransfer.luc.edu.

An Outlook Plugin is available for installation. Instructions can be found on the Outlook Plugin page.

Introductory Video for Loyola Secure Transfer


What Can I Do?




I need to send large file to someone outside of the organization.

File is too large to be attached to an email.

Send file to anyone who has access to a randomized link.

I need to send a .zip file.

Internal email server does not allow .zip files.

Add zip file to Secure Transfer and send file.

Sending files needs to be easy to use.

The more difficult it is, the less likely I will use it.

Use the Outlook plugin.  Click "Secure Attach" in Outlook instead of directly attaching to the email.

I want to ensure only the intended recipient can access my attachment.

Sensitive information for the recipient only.

Send file only to specified recipients.

I want to ensure only the intended recipient and local users can access my attachment.

Sensitive information for the recipient and local users only.

Send file only to specified recipients and local users.

I want the message to expire after a certain date or number of downloads.

User wants limited access to file/files.

Set message expiration date or set the number of times recipients can download files.

I want to ensure my email and files cannot be forwarded to other recipients.

User wants to maintain control over email and files.

Set forwarding permissions to control who will be able to download the files.

When my file has been downloaded, I need the ability to see and verify who did so and when.

User wants confirmation that the files where downloaded.

A confirmation email will be sent as soon as the files are downloaded.

I need to have my files encrypted in motion.

Encrypted transit may be required for compliance reasons.

All files are transferred with strong SSL 256 bit encryption.

I need the ability to have someone send me a file securely.

Some files are too large or sensitive to be sent as email attachments.

When logged into Secure Transfer, click on "Request file".  Enter the recipient's email address and ask them to upload their files.

I want my files to be removed from server after a specific expiration date.

Files take up space on server.

This setting is set by the administrator.

I want to block types of files based on their extensions.

Maintain secure control over types of files being sent.

This setting is set by the administrator.

I want to post links to files in forums, IM, or something similar.

Files may be shared publicly.

Create a fileLink that has its own expiration and authentication settings.

For further assistance with Loyola Secure Transfer, please contact the ITS Service Desk at ITSServiceDesk@luc.edu or by phone at 773-508-4487.

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