Loyola University Chicago

Mathematics and Statistics



Education Course Requirements

  • Professional Learning Communities: TLSC 300A
  • The Profession and Our Program: TLSC 110
  • Bringing Language, Learning & Developmental Theory into Practice: TLSC 120
  • Community Immersion: TLSC 130
  • Professional Learning Communities: TLSC 300B
  • Teaching, Learning & Leading for Social Justice: TLSC 140
  • Developing Constructive Learning Environments for Diverse Students: TLSC 150 
  • Analyzing Culturally-Responsive Classroom Instruction: TLSC 160

Mathematics Course Requirements

Note: 47 total credit hours (39 - Math, 8 - Education)

Students must also satisfy all requirements of Loyola university and the college of arts and sciences. Students pursuing this major are exempt from the "Quantitative Knowledge and Inquiry" core requirement.