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Modern Languages and Literatures

Degree Requirements

The Spanish program has structured both the major and minor to give students a greater ability to shape their course of study according to their interests. 

Spanish Major Requirements (Starting in Fall 2016)

10 courses for a total of 30 credit hours

  • Spanish 250 and 251 OR Spanish 252 and 253 (for native speakers)
  • Spanish 270
  • Spanish 271 (Spain) OR Spanish 272 (Latin America)
  • Any six courses at the 300 level, of which:
    • One must focus exclusively on Latin America
    • One must focus exclusively on Spain

(Spanish 270 and 271/272 are prerequisites for Spanish 300-level courses.)


E-Portfolio Requirement:

All majors are asked to complete a e-portfolio prior to graduation for evaluative purposes. Students are encouraged to include a variety of representative assignments from their Spanish courses (syllabi, papers, exams, media files), as well as materials from creative projects, foreign travel, study abroad, or internships.

Students are also requested to prepare a brief (1-2 pages) personal statement in Spanish assessing their learning experiences in the major. Students will be responsible for assembling, updating, revising, and presenting their e-portfolios.

Click here at the beginning of your major for details.

For questions about the Spanish e-portfolio requirements, please contact your assigned Spanish major advisor.


Please note: Students who declared a Spanish major or minor prior to Fall 2016 will maintain the requirements of the major at the time declared. Visit this page to view those requirements. 

Starting in Fall 2016, students who decalre a Spanish major or Spanish Literature minor on LOCUS are automatically enrolled in the new major/minor. Students who have already declared their major or minor will not be automatically upgraded to the new requirements.

tudents who wish to “update” their Spanish major/minor in order to graduate under the new requirements must, after the start of the Fall 2016 semester, drop the Spanish major/minor and immediately declare it again.


Students with prior knowledge of Spanish: Please see information regarding the placement exam before registering for a class.

Departmental Honors: Students graduating with departmental honors have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and take one Honors Tutorial (Spanish 399), in addition to the above requirements.


QUESTIONS? Please contact us:

For questions regarding the Spanish major and minors, contact Dr. Clara Burgo at cburgo@luc.edu.