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‌At Loyola University Chicago's Graduate School, we cultivate leaders—scholars who are motivated to make a real difference in the world. From academic fields to professional specialties, the Graduate School offers advanced study and research programs on the leading edge of a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities, natural and biomedical sciences, social sciences and the professions. The Graduate School’s inception in 1926 has been marked by innovation, excellence, and commitment to teaching, research, and service.  Over the years, the Graduate School has witnessed relatively steady growth and its programs have reflected the university’s response to societal needs, university resources, and shifting academic environments.

The programs that today fall under the aegis of the Graduate School represent a combination of programs with deep roots and those that are relatively young in the school’s range of offerings.  Approximately 1,500 graduate students are enrolled in 27 PhD programs, a professional doctorate program, 37 master's programs, 7 dual degree programs, and 16 advanced bachelor’s/master’s programs.  They work with more than 600 graduate faculty members on three campuses. We are a dynamic community of researchers and scholars united in a commitment to developing new knowledge, providing high quality training, enhancing professional credentials, and fostering creativity.

Because Loyola graduate programs have an ethics component, the University’s Graduate School provides both the opportunity and the impetus for students from a wide variety of disciplines to conduct research that directly benefits humanity. The Graduate School serves the needs of students and faculty who work at the highest level of excellence in their field and fosters projects that build communities, promote social justice, address the complex problems confronting society, and promote global awareness.

Why Loyola University Chicago? Graduate students at Loyola learn from faculty members who are as committed to mentoring, instruction and intellectual discourse with students as they are to research and scholarship. Our setting in the heart of Chicago allows students to apply their knowledge through outstanding internship and field study opportunities at leading institutions and research settings throughout the metropolitan area. The rigorous intellectual environment at Loyola is informed by our commitment to serving our community and our world, in keeping with Jesuit values, a tradition that has typified Loyola University Chicago since its founding in 1870.