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The Graduate School

Masters (No Thesis)

Graduation is a broad term that signifies successfully completing and then celebrating the completion of a degree or certificate program. The process by which you receive your degree is call conferral. The ceremony to celebrate your accomplishment is commencement. 
The Graduate School reviews applications for graduation three times a year; end of Fall (December), end of Spring (May), and end of Summer (August) semester. Below are the application deadlines that correspond to each graduation term.
There is only ONE commencement ceremony per academic year, typically held in May.
Students completing a coursework Master's should consult their advisor or Graduate Program Director to confirm all degree requirements are completed by their anticipated graduation term.

Conferral Term: Fall (December) Spring (May) Summer (August)
Deadline to Apply: August 1 December 1 February 1
Application. Students can apply for graduation through LOCUS. This process indicates to the Graduate School that you would like to be considered for degree conferral. It does not guarantee that your degree will be conferred, only that your file will be reviewed.
Application status. Here's how you can verify the submission and status of your application.
Diploma name. Don't forget to submit an entry for your "Diploma Name." Click here to read more on the University's guidelines for significant changes made to a name.
Permanent address. Diplomas are delivered to the most recent entry a student has entered for their "Permanent Address." Be sure to update your permanent mailing address on LOCUS.
Commencement program. In recognition of their academic achievements, students attending Commencement will be profiled in Loyola University's Commencement Book. We will include previous degree information.



  • August Graduates: In order to be eligible to be able to attend the spring commencement ceremony, you must only have ONE remaining requirement.
  • You will receive notice at the end of the semester as to whether or not you have completed all degree requirements. If you have any questions prior to that time, please direct them to your graduate program director.
  • Certification letter information: Please email Assistant Dean Heather Sevener if you require a certification letter for an employer including the proper name, title, and address of contact.
*If you have already applied for graduation and need to change your expected grad term to a later term, please email gradschool@luc.edu. This request does not need to made before the above deadlines.*