Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Degree Programs

Arts and Sciences
Applied Statistics (MS, BS/MS)  
Bioinformatics (MS)  
Biology (MS)  
Biology/Bioinformatics (BS/MS)  
Biochemistry (BS/MS)  
Classical Studies (Post-Baccalaureate Certificate)  
Chemistry (PhD, MS, BS/MS)  
Child Development (PhD (in partnership with The Erikson Institute))  
Computer Science (MS, BS/MS)  
Information Technology (MS, BS/MS, BA/MS)  
Software Engineering (MS, BS/MS)  
Criminal Justice (MA, BA/MA)  
Digital Humanities (MA)  
English (PhD, MA, BA/MA)  
Hispanic Studies (MA, BA/MA)  
History (PhD, MA, BA/MA)  
       Public History (PhD, MA)  
Mathematics  (MS, BS/MS)  
Medical Sciences (MA)  
Philosophy (PhD, MA, BA/MA)  
Social (MA)  
Political Science (PhD, MA, BA/MA)  
International Affairs (BA/MA, BS/MA)  
Applied Social (PhD, MA, BS/MA)  
Clinical (PhD)  
Developmental (PhD)  
Public Policy (MPP, BS/MPP, BA/MPP)  
       Urban Affairs(MA)  
Sociology (PhD, MA, BA/MA)  
Spanish (BA/MA)  
Theology (PhD, MA, BA/MA)  
Women's Studies/Gender Studies (MA, Certificate)  
Biomedical Sciences at Health Sciences Campus
Bioethics and Health Policy (Online DBe, Online MA, Online Certificate, MA/MD)
Infectious Disease and Immunology (MS)
Integrated Program in the Biomedical Sciences (IPBS)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (PhD, MS)
Cell and Molecular Physiology (PhD, MS)
Integrative Cell Biology (PhD, MS)
Microbiology and Immunology (PhD, MS)
Molecular Pharmacology and Neuroscience (PhD, MS)
Neuroscience (PhD, MS)
Community Counseling (MA)
Counseling Psychology (PhD)
Cultural and Educational Policy Studies (PhD, MA)
Higher Education (PhD)
Research Methodology (PhD, MA)
School Psychology (PhD)
Nursing (PhD)
Social Work
Social Work (PhD)


Dual Degrees
Law/Master of Public Policy (JD/MPP)
Law/Political Science (JD/MA)
Pharmacology/School of Business (MS/MBA)
Stritch School of Medicine (MD/PhD)
Women's Studies and Gender Studies/School of Social Work (MA/MSW)