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The Graduate School

Graduate Student Community and Council

The Graduate School is committed to providing the best service and opportunities that meet the unique experiences of our graduate and professional students. We strive to create programming that contributes to the professional and academic development of our students and enhances their quality of life while at Loyola University Chicago. Our goal is to establish an engaged graduate and professional student community, identify graduate student needs and address graduate student concerns.

The Graduate School works collaboratively with key University offices to positively enhance student life at the graduate level for our current and future graduate students. A key partner in this work is Graduate, Professional, and Adult Student Life, who have recently spearheaded an effort to help graduate students build community in an increasingly virtual world through GPASTeams. We hope all graduate students will join the discussion!

Student Activity Fees

The Graduate School allocates student activities funds to each department for use. Graduate Program Directors (GPD) determines how to use the funds.

Contact Us

Heather Sevener
Assistant Dean
Phone: 773.508.2476

Office Location

The Graduate School
6439 N. Sheridan Road
Granada Center—Suite 400
Lake Shore Campus