Loyola University Chicago

The Graduate School

Graduate Program Directors

Academic Year 2021-2022

Arts and Sciences
Applied Statistics Dr. Timothy O'Brien
Biology - M.A. in Medical Sciences Dr. Dawn Franks
Biology - M.S. Dr. Terry Grande 
Bioinformatics Dr. Heather Wheeler
Chemistry Dr. Jacob Ciszek
Classical Studies Dr. Leanna Boychenko
Computer Science Dr. Peter Dordal ; Dr. Eric Chan-Tin
Criminology and Criminal Justice Dr. Christopher Donner
Digital Humanities Dr. Elizabeth Hopwood
English Dr. James Knapp 
Hispanic Studies Dr. Alrick Knight
History Dr. Patricia Mooney-Melvin
Information Technology Dr. Eric Chan-Tin
International Affairs Dr. Molly Melin
Mathematics Dr. Aaron Lauve
Philosophy Dr. Joseph Vukov
Political Science Dr. Molly Melin
Psychology - Applied Social Psychology Dr. R. Scott Tindale
Psychology - Developmental Psychology Dr. Perla Gamez
Psychology - Clinical Psychology Dr. Cate Santiago 
Public Policy & Urban Affairs Dr. Annette Steinacker
Sociology Dr. Marilyn Krogh
Software Engineering Dr. Peter Dordal
Theology Dr. Christopher Skinner
Women's Studies & Gender Studies Dr. Hector Garcia


Community Counseling, Counseling Psychology Dr. Elizabeth Vera; Dr. Matt Miller
Cultural & Educational Policy Studies Dr. Siobhan Cafferty
Higher Education Dr. Demetri Morgan
Research Methodologies Dr. Ken Fujimoto
School Psychology Dr. Pamela Fenning


Erikson Institute
PhD in Child Development Dr. Amanda Moreno 


PhD in Nursing Dr. Lee Schmidt


Social Work
PhD in Social Work Dr. Terry Northcut

Health Sciences Campus (HSC)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology  Dr. Mitchell Denning
Bioethics & Health Policy - Neiswanger Institute Dr. Kayhan Parsi
Cellular & Molecular Oncology Dr. Clodia Osipo
Cell & Molecular Physiology Dr. Erika Piedras-Renteria
Health Care Mission Leadership Dr. Michael McCarthy
Infectious Diseases & Immunology Dr. Francis Alonzo
Integrated Program in Biomedical Science Dr. Leanne Cribbs
Integrative Cell Biology Dr. Phong Le
MD/PhD Dr. Charles Hemenway
Microbiology & Immunology Dr. Karen Visick
Molecular Pharmacology & Neuroscience Dr. Karie Scrogin
Neuroscience        Dr. Karie Scrogin
MS in Pharmacology/MBA Dr. Joanna Bakowska