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Publishing conventions vary widely across disciplines; some graduate students may publish as single authors while others, particularly in the sciences, may be one of several authors collaborating on a project and its resulting published study. When seeking peer-reviewed publication opportunities, one of the best methods is to consult with professors in your department about how to publish and locate journals reputable in your field of study.

Besides helping you avoid scams and predatory publishing through their advice, faculty can also provide you with useful information about the publishing process and direct you to discipline-specific online listservs hosting frequent Calls for Papers. 

The following list details other publication resources for graduate students:

Before publication: 

LUC's University Libraries: If relevant articles, book chapters, and books are not accessible through the library's online catalogue, they can be requested through Interlibrary Loan. 

Zotero: No matter what citation format you use, this free citation software can help save and format citations for use in your article.

Scimago Journal & Country Rank: To find out the ranking of peer-reviewed journals in your particular discipline before you submit, go to this website. 

LUC's Writing Center: Make an appointment with a graduate tutor to have your work reviewed at any stage of the writing or revision process. Often an article will be accepted for publication but an editor requires various corrections. An extra pair of eyes can be useful. 

After publication:  

GSPS: Make sure to update publications through this LUC site; submitted entries will be reviewed, approved, and recorded by your GPD. 

Google Scholar: Various peer-reviewed articles and publications found on the internet will be linked to the student's account, which can be created by going to this site and clicking on "My Profile." 

ORCiD: Creating a free ORCiD ID will allow peer-reviewed publications to be linked across digital platforms with this persistent signifier.